Jonathan Earley has collaborated as an editor, photographer, videographer, and content creator with video and photo creatives all around Chicago, ranging from music videos, short documentaries, web videos, and narratives. He likes to cut stories that are compelling and impacting. When looking for a project, he searches for interesting stories and personalities, a director compassionate and dedicated to their work, and confidence from those involved. He is seen as a problem solver of workflows and a technical lover of computers.

He is continuing to do freelance video and photo work for artists, musicians, and publications spanning all areas of cultures, and edit music videos and feature films in Chicago, Los Angeles and around the world.

The world is full of intriguing stories and adventures, and most people will only learn about a mere fraction of them. By finding elements of the human condition in these stories and constructing them into a visually pleasing package, Jonathan strives to elicit emotions and thoughts in audiences. As an editor, photographer, and colorist, it is paramount to engage his audiences through captivating storytelling. He wants people to discover newfound feelings and perspectives of life when experiencing his work.


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